Born from a love for great pastry, Dorset Pastry is a family-run business which started in the heart of every home – the kitchen.

Upon realising there was a niche in the market for high quality puff pastry, we spent many happy months researching the history of puff and the science behind it, developing and refining ours until we perfected a natural and pure puff pastry that tastes just like homemade. And so, our business began.

Not stopping there, inspired by emerging food trends we incorporated the ideology of the Slow Food Movement, producing the puff pastry we sell today – fine, pure butter puff pastry that is second to none.
In addition to our organic puff pastry, we also produce organic shortcrust and sweet shortcrust as well as a non-organic, pure range using the same traditional methods so that quality is never compromised.

Nestled amid the rolling hills of West Dorset, we source only the best ingredients and our puff pastry is hand-folded and rested in the traditional way to maintain the highest quality. None of our pastry contains any stabilisers, relaxants or additives so commonly used to ensure consistency in mass production. This is why our pastry is sold frozen and the taste and characteristics may vary depending on the season and weather conditions during which the wheat is harvested and the butter produced. We like to think this is what gives us the edge – a unique taste inspired by the West Country and all its elements.

Made for both the retail market and food service industry there is an increasing demand for all our pastries. Our puff pastry, Dorset Pastry’s signature, remains the most popular, used in many of the country’s best restaurants regularly receiving accolades from top chefs.

Over the years, the success story of Dorset Pastry has only become more exciting, with a string of national awards and press attention under our aprons, we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved.